How to permanently exit skype account?

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Atticus Henry created the topic: How to permanently exit skype account?
1. Instructions to delete Skype account
Step 1:

We can do it on the Skype software installed on the computer, or visit the link below and log in to your Skype account. Posts made on Skype software.

Log in to your Skype account
Step 2:

In the account interface we click on the 3-dot icon and select Settings.

Account Settings

Step 3:

Switch to the setting interface on Skype. We look to the right and then at the bottom, click Close your account. basketball stars

Close account

Step 4:

You are then required to log in to your Skype account and click Next below.

Sign in to Skype

To continue, users need to click on the address of a registered Skype account to receive a verification code. If you create a Skype account with a phone number, a verification code is sent to the phone number.

Get a verification code

Enter the verification code in the interface as below and then click Verify to continue.

Enter the verification code

Step 5:

Switch to the new interface, click No thanks.

Click No thanks

Step 6:

At the interface as shown below, we receive a notification that the Skype account deletion process is done within 60 days. To cancel deletion the user needs to log in to Skype again and provide account security information. Continue clicking on the Next button.

Account deletion notice

Then we will have the note before you want to delete the Skype account. When deleting a Skype account, it means that you cannot log into any Microsoft services with this account, such as OneDrive, Hotmail,, ...

Applications that are downloaded and managed by an account are no longer available for download, or purchase in the case of software or game purchases. Check all content displayed in this interface. Under the Select a reason section, choose the reason you want to delete your Skype account. If no reason on the list is available, click My reason isn't listed.

Select a reason for deleting an account

Step 7:

If you are sure with the above contents, click Mark account for closure to proceed to wait for the deletion of Skype account. Immediately Skype account was deleted.

Definitely delete the account

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