How To Do Two Basic Clothing Alterations

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How To Do Two Basic Clothing Alterations

One of the most frustrating parts of buying clothing is that the outfit may not fit your body the way you want it to. While not everyone can afford a piece of custom clothing, you can do some basic alterations on your own if you know how.

Hemming Pants Or Skirts

Hemming is an essential set of skills

For people with a height that does not fit the standard, knowing how to hem is an essential set of skills that will save them a fortune.

This technique is so simple that even a beginner in clothes making can do with a best first sewing machine. In case you are looking for a model to start with sewing, here is where I found mine: visit this link to find the best sewing machine now.

What you need to hem includes a needle, thread that has the same color with the outfit fabric, scissors, an iron, pins, a person who can help you with pinning, and of course, a sewing machine.

Turn the piece of fabric inside out and ask someone to help you pin the hem to the place you want it to.

Now press the piece firmly and then turn the top edge under ½”. This step is essential to have a neat look for your project. Press again.

Set your sewing machine to the smallest stitch setting possible. My machine has a “blind stitch” mode that is suitable for this task. If yours also has this, feel free to use it.

Taking In A Top

To take in a top, you will need a tape measure, pins, scissors, a friend or a family member, seam guide, and a sewing machine, which can be a simple model for a newbie for example. If you are still wondering what to get if you are a beginner, here is an article on  Which Is The Best Starter Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews And Buying Tips to help you.

Sewing clothes on a home sewing machine

With the bra, you would like to wear with the top on, turn the top inside out and ask another person to mark the place where you would like to take the top in with pins. To make the finished product looks more professional, make sure that your new seam follows a gentle and smooth line.

Lay the top on your working surface and measure to ensure both sides a taken in by the same amount. Once you have done with the adjustment, pin again according to the new line you have made. Measure again if you want.

Now sew along the lines you have just marked with pins. When you’re done, turn the top right side out and try it on.

Sometimes you can make it right after just one try. However, if you think the top needs further alteration, that’s ok. It happens a lot if you are a beginner. Make changes as you need and when you finish, press the new seams and enjoy the work you have just accomplished.

By the way, I have just come across a good article on choosing the  best computerized sewing machine for beginners . I will leave it here in case you are thinking about an upgrade.

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