I anticipate rs3 con getting fixed

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Smarthuiyuan created the topic: I anticipate rs3 con getting fixed
We have just announced a Construction Contracts-like update and OSRS gold a combat boss on stream, among others. Hopefully that goes a way to tackle it. To be entirely fair here. You've announced a structure rework aswell years ago, even showed some WiP. A few decades after, we saw some gamejam construction stuff that seemed promising, which also expired. Why would we believe you that the 3rd time around? I would really like to see construction getting some love, but it REALLY feels devs are afraid of touching the ability due to spaghetti and a potential.

I appreciate that, but if we let our previous put off us doing it, then we'd be in a much worse place. I'm sure we will be showing it on livestream shortly, so you can be reassured. From my perspective, it is less about an anxiety about this Massacre or spaghetti code, and a potential Construction Rework has set us off from doing other jobs, but we are going ahead for this one.

I anticipate rs3 con getting fixed

You guys sure guaranteed to squeeze a lot in the past couple of months of this year. I am hopeful that this is the turn in the ideal direction we've been waiting for. Lets hope we will get something fantastic out of it. Most of us understand you CAN deliver quality upgrades. Just to give context mod ash needed to rewrite the majority of the building code simply to get moveable rooms working. Construction in general is really disorganized coding.

So from what I'm hearing its only. . Like having 10 years+ of college homework left undone and the workload is too unmotivating for people to perform. Bold suggestion I'm positive, but can I propose you completely redoing building from the ground up and Buy RS gold introducing it as a brand new ability? Yes, this means finding a new place for all clue scroll, wardrobe etc etc to be saved and nuking furniture that we spent 50+ mil on. With ample communication I believe that is possible and I actually would love to see that occur.

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