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flora created the topic: Richard Mille RM 035 Rafael Nadal Chronofiable replica
Richard Miller is probably the latest big brand, in the game, conceptualized in 1999, but only created in 2001, you guessed it, Richard Miller but with the owner of MONTRE Valgine's Dominic Guenat With the help, a watch brand was created in 1900. Richard Mille RM35-02 Red Quartz-TPT Diamonds

Richard Mille, a former watchmaker who worked at the French luxury jeweler Mauboussin, had a disagreement about the jeweler's business and Richard Mille caused him to resign. Mauboussin is a very classic and fashion-conscious watch seller, and it is easy to speculate that this classic method may be the pinnacle of discord.

Interestingly, Richard Mille teamed up with Montre Valgine, a very classic and classic watchmaker.

Richard Mille received strong support from Audemars Piguet when he conceived the brand.

Despite being a very modern brand, Richard Mille still retains a long tradition, établissage, which includes best replica watch site made by very professional small manufacturers and assembles them inside. Richard Mille owns these manufacturers, but it is still considered établissage.

The brand is very active and has only 54 different models (no color and material changes) for 17 years, with about 3 watches per year and only 140 employees (all departments including non-watchmakers).

Affected by the automotive market and the latest industrial trends, one can say that Richard Mille looks the same, but this is a serious misunderstanding that can be viewed on its website, you might have some of them Surprised by the beautiful timepiece.

But what interests us today is:

Richard Miller RM35-02

Case: before and after titanium PVD coating and forged carbon fiber
Strap: red rubber strap
Movement: Miyota 8215 21600 bph
Function: hour, minute, stopwatch
Shell width: 43mm | 44.4
Mm case length: 50 mm | 50.1 mm
Total thickness: 16mm | 16.6 mm
Crystal: Sapphire Crystal | Checked by Diamond Tester = Sapphire Crystal Strip
Strap size: 25mm-27mm | 90mm-117mm (short side and long side)
Weight: 99.4gr (case + strap and buckle)

The watch is also known under the full name RM35-02 RAFA and is part of the Rafael Nadal collection. In addition to being a loyal fan of his own name (you will find Richard Mille literally with the words literally written), he is a patron and likes to offer his own gift watch to celebrities.

Rafael Nadal is one of the most suitable celebrities, named after his model.

At the heart of the RAFA series is the ability to withstand the tough conditions, and if you look closely at some of Rafael Nadal's tennis matches, you will often see him wearing Richard Mille.

After reading the topic, you don't need to discuss the details and numbers too much, you can guess and confirm (I will do two interesting scientific studies on the subject), there will be a lot of vibrations and shocks on the wrist when playing tennis. Especially at this level. We are talking about people who can send 217 km / h balls (135 mph). I will let you imagine the gravity that the watch can withstand. FRANCK MULLER Skafander Classic replica

According to marketing materials, the RM35-02 is said to be able to withstand approximately 5000G (previously RM35-01 was rated "only" 88G).

The RM35-02 is Nadal's first self-winding watch with two surface finishes, including a fully forged carbon and a forged carbon-quartz version.

What is the fake carbon?
If you don't know how to make carbon fiber parts, you need a brief explanation: Carbon fiber parts are made by bonding carbon fiber sheets together and impregnating with resin. The strength comes from the arrangement of the fibers in the sheets.

Forged carbon is produced by cutting regular woven carbon into very fine fibers, then mixing them with a resin and pressing into a desired shape. Lamborghini developed this process to circumvent the shape limitations of conventional carbon fiber manufacturing processes.

True carbon fiber is made from a specially developed forged carbon called NTPT, which requires a very complicated manufacturing process to prevent it from being too fragile (conventional forged carbon is more brittle and less resistant than conventional carbon fiber)

From the macro photos, it seems that the top and bottom are indeed forged carbon, you can see some pressing defects and ship them out of the surface treatment. Since the manufacture of counterfeit carbon is cheaper than the manufacture of carbon fiber, we can only admire the top leaders of the Chinese factory. HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION FERRARI GT replica

The real case is 44.5 mm wide, 49.94 mm tall and 13.05 mm thick (measurement does not include crown). The representative is 44.4 mm wide, 50.1 mm tall and 16.6 mm thick.

In addition to the thickness, the factory's work location is not bad, but this is due to clever tricks that can hide the movement and make it look like a real movement, more in future versions.
I suspect that someone will find the difference in thickness of the case, so for me, this is a victory!

This is the vein of Franck Muller and other rectangular watches, known as the "Tonneau" shape. This makes the shape of the watch thinner than the size suggests, and will confirm that their wear is much thinner than you expected!

The bezel and back cover are secured by eight classic Richard Mille-shaped screws (as you can see on the small dots before the title of this section). The remaining 4 screws (different shapes) are used to secure the belt.

There is no change in the front of the case except for the lovely forged carbon fiber bezel.

The first letter of Richard Mille's fake luxury watches name is engraved on the back, but not the last one. It is printed with Swiss-made characters and a logo on the side. After complicated research, these logos were originally Montre Valgine's old logo (you can find it) On their dials, there are V letters (the shape is weird).

I can't find the meaning of the circled D letter (maybe suggesting that they gave the D price?)
The 6-picture is the watch model, material type code and serial number.
3 is waterproof 50m text, but I will not test it.

The crown sits farther than the generation, but I only noticed it when writing this comment, so it won't bother anyone.

To have an overall red appearance, enclose the crown in a red rubber ring (removable if necessary and interchangeable with other colors available on Aliexpress).

The rubber ring makes the operation of the crown very easy. The front of the crown shows the same screw design and has a "sturdy" look, almost as if it were made of forged carbon, which is very well done.

The crystal on the front is the front of the sapphire, so don't worry about scratching. TD's website states that the crystal is plated with an anti-reflective film. If it does, it is definitely the weakest coating. A good improvement to this form is the use of 2x AR treatment, especially in this Type on the dial. The crystal on the back is ordinary mineral glass. Tonino Lamborghini replica watches

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